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The Importance of Keeping Air Conditioner Coils Clean

In harsh climates like Tempe Arizona, air conditioners can struggle with the heat and dust, making even great air conditioning systems suffer shorter lifespans.  The key to keeping your air conditioning unit running without issue is routine maintenance by a local air conditioning company such as Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC.  One of the most important forms of maintenance on your unit is cleaning the air conditioning coils.  Keeping the air conditioning coils clean can do a lot to keeping your home or business AC unit running without issue.

Over time, dirt and grime will build up on your air conditioning coils, making it hard for your system to run properly.  What most may not understand is that the air conditioner doesn’t actually cool your home, but rather, it removes hot air from it.  When air conditioning coils get dirty, the dirt and grime create an insulating effect, covering the coils and creating a barrier.  This barrier prevents the coils from transferring the heat properly and thus lowers your air conditioner’s efficiency.  

More serious maintenance issues can arise if your air conditioning coils are not kept clean.  The reduced airflow caused by insulated, dirty coils can result in hot air getting stuck in the compressor.  If that happens, it can eventually cause severe damage to your air conditioning unit that will require a lot more than a simple cleaning check.  Preventative measures like cleaning your air conditioning coils will not only help your AC unit run on less energy, it will also avert unwanted repairs or the need for air conditioning replacement.

Perhaps the best time to look at getting your air conditioning unit cleaned and maintained is spring, before you have had to turn on or use your AC unit.  This allows your Tempe air conditioning service company to look over your condenser, fixing any problems that it might have, and cleaning the coils before energy is lost or severe damage is done.  Cleaning the air conditioning coils in spring will also ensure that your air conditioning unit is ready for the hot summer ahead.

Once you have had your air conditioning coils cleaned, the best way to keep them from getting grimy fast is by removing anything in the area of your condenser that can damage or dirty the air conditioning coils.  For instance, many of us forget and mow or weed-eat with grass clippings flying towards our AC units.  Instead, make sure than any grass trimmed around your outside unit is directed away from it or collected in an attached bag.  Trees and hedges should be trimmed back, with at least two feet around the air conditioning unit to keep leaves and twigs out and allow for adequate airflow around the condenser. 

By performing just a few routine checks before the summer and adjusting the area around your AC unit, coils can stay cleaner throughout the summer, providing you with a cool home without using a lot of energy.

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