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Repairs and Parts for Rheem Air Conditioning Units



    You own a Rheem Air Conditioning Unit and it seems to be in need of repairs.  What should you do, what do you need to know, who do you call? Maybe, you are considering owning a Rheem Air Conditioning Unit and have been wise enough to look up your repair options prior to purchase and installation.  This article will provide you with a basic snapshot to make the most prudent choices pertaining to repairs to your already installed Rheem Unit or guide you further in determining the best choice for an Air Condition Unit for your home.


          All Rheem Air Conditioners come with a warranty and should be registered on line at www.rheem.com   The Rheem warranties are very detailed and specific for Classic and Value versus Prestige Series and even some aspects are covered for five years and others for 10 years.  Basically though it is 10 yrs conditional parts and compressor warranties, and 5 yrs limited parts warranties.  10 yrs limited on all coils.  So, at risk of repeating, I will say it again that it is best to print out and have available the details specific to your model so you can be completely aware of what is and is not covered by your warranty.


          Additionally you may have purchased the Protection Plus Extended Service Protection (PPESP).  This plan is a very extensive plan as it states in its name and for the number of years specified in your personal plan it will cover ALL parts and, ALL labor.  If you are just purchasing and installing a new Rheem Air Conditioning Unit consider asking your Rheem certified installer about this plan to ensure you can relax and stay cool for years to come worry free.


          It is always best to call a service technician at the first sign or sound of problems and difficulties with your Rheem Air Conditioning unit.  It usually costs less and has less impact on your comfort if you call earlier rather than later.  Also, make sure that you have a technician check and do routine maintenance on your Rheem Air Conditioning Unit at least annually or more often if it is recommended for your specific unit.   A little bit of routine care is so much better than the costly expense of both money and inconvenience of system break downs.


          Despite all of your diligence it seems you are in need of air conditioning repair for your Rheem A/C Unit, follow these simple instructions and be relaxing in the cool air sooner rather than later.  After checking your warranty information, gather together your model number, unit ID number and as much specific information as to what is happening and or not happening with your unit, then call a certified Rheem technician.  Yes, it MUST be a Rheem dealer and technician, the nearest one in Phoenix Arizona is Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC.  Your local technician will use Rheem specific parts and have your system up and running and keeping you cool and ensuring that your warranty is still intact or if it is past warranty can assist you in determining if it is best to repair or replace your current unit.  Follow these simple steps and keep you and your family cool through the extreme heat of our extended summer heat in the Phoenix Desert Valley and your Arizona Rheem Air Conditioning Unit running as efficiently as it is designed to run..