Gilbert Arizona Heating season is around the corner

Air Conditioner season is almost over time for heating

It looks like cold temperatures are just  around the corner it looks like this weekend there will  be a cold front moving in and the temperature here in Gilbert, AZ will be in the 40′s, so most people will probably turn their heaters on for the first time this year.

So if you are one of Air Care’s maintenance customers and you already had your winter check up performed, then you should be just fine for the rest of the winter. If you have not had your check up done then now would be the recommended time to do so. before it really starts getting cold. So give Air Care Cooling & Heating a call   480-238-2273 we will get you taken care of rite away.

As always your Gilbert heating & air conditioning checks should be performed before the season’s full weather change. In the winter months its best to get your heating check up done before the holidays. Who the heck wants to risk having a cold house on thanksgiving weekend. I know i don’t.


  •  If you have a swamp cooler and haven’t done so NOW is the time to winterize cover or remove all pads, shut off water supply and drain water. Remove belt store indoors and shut off all power to the unit.
  • If your water heater is located out doors or in a garage or any where that’s not heated you can reduce you energy use on it by up to 40% by getting a water heater jacket from home depot usually about $29.00.
  • Keep your garbage disposal running good for the holidays freeze white vinegar in ice cube trays, then use the ice cubes to grind in disposal.This will sharpen the blades and kill any extra bacteria growth, for maintenance use orange peel to grind.


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