Don’t Forget the Ducts



A homeowner can expect a certain amount of dust to settle in the heating ducts of the HVAC system. The problem arises when large accumulations occur. It means that more energy has to be expended to push warm air out into the living space. That’s an energy cost that needs to be avoided and it can be. As a matter fact, this can even be a do-it-yourself job.

A visual inspection can determine whether or not their excessive amounts of dust or mold in the ducts. A homeowner should wear gloves and have a breathing mask on. The mask is there because there may be mold and allergens in the ducts that can cause a reaction. The vent grille ought to be thoroughly cleaned so that there is no lingering dust or mildew. Be very sure that mold is completely eliminated.

Easy Maintenance

A damp cloth can be used inside the ducts to remove the dust. A homeowner should be patient and careful when doing this. A gentle wiping is better than trying to put some elbow grease into it. The area can be checked with a flashlight to be sure that all of the accumulations have been successfully removed. As soon as all the work is completed, the area should be vacuumed for any dust that may be lying around.

If the ducts have not been cleaned for a number of years it professional may be needed to do the work. That person would do a more complete inspection and has the tools necessary to do a complete job. They also are familiar with HVAC equipment, and there is less a chance of the HVAC system being damaged when professionals working.

It can’t be stressed enough that allergens and mold may be in the duct system. Homeowners ought to keep that in mind if they are going to try to tackle this job by themselves. It doesn’t take much to be safe, and once the ducts are clean the heated air will move more freely into the living space.

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