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How to Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repair on your Chandler Air Conditioning


The Chandler Arizona desert breezes and wind can be enjoyable, cooling things off and lowering temperatures.  However, as much as you may be saving on your air conditioning bill today while the wind blows, it could be costing a fortune later on without proper and timely action.

Did you know the winds and strong breezes are stirring up the dust, dirt and sand and it goes indiscriminately to places we often pay little attention to and even take for granted?  Air Conditioning coils are one of those places.  In fact our Air Conditioners actually draw the dirt to them by drawing air combined with the stirred up dirt through its air intake.  Yes, we do have filters in there, but they are not designed with the capacity to filter the fine dirt particles being blown with such force when the winds pick up in our fair desert valley.

After any heavy winds, no matter how long or short the duration, (and remember it does not have to be a full blown haboob), at a minimum the air filter must be changed to reduce damage to your air conditioner coils and ultimately the entire cooling system.  More importantly, take this opportunity to call your Chandler air conditioning service professionals, such as Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC. to come clean the coils.

Cleaning the coils on your air conditioner after any heavy winds and breezes is such an inexpensive yet crucial task to be done.  If you are hesitating or thinking how bad can it be?  The answer is simply the cost of a new air conditioning unit, or worse yet, lowered efficiency ratings and higher costs from your existing ac unit, combined with reduced life expectancy.

We depend on our Air Conditioning Units in Chandler AZ as a lifeline in our desert valley oasis of the sun, through our particularly long summers with extreme temperatures known only to us desert dwellers. However, what we have in common with everyone, no matter where they reside, is a desire for our dollar to go further. Reducing the cost of operation for our homes and businesses and creating efficiency in all areas has become of high importance in our times of economic distress.  This is accomplished by maintaining and keeping all of our systems in highest working order at all times.

Whether it is your home, your business or both, that one phone call to an Air Conditioning professional to clean the dirt out of your coils after heavy winds, will be the most important call you will make that day.  Keeping your Air Conditioner running at its maximum efficiency, increasing the life expectancy of your unit, saving money and staying cool year round will be the rewards of your quick action to maintain your air condition system. If not you may be in the market for a new air conditioning unit sooner than you think.

Being informed and aware is of highest importance only second to making the choices to act on the information we become aware of.  Now you know the damage of the winds and dirt to your air condition unit and its coils.  Act now, after each and every big wind, call your  Chandler air conditioning repair professional, then sit back and enjoy the comfort and savings of your air conditioner all year round.



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