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Licensed A/C Contractor versus The Unlicensed Guy who knows a lot about A/C

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     We all know having our Air Conditioner looked at, serviced, repaired or replaced can be costly and there can possibly be a longer wait than we would like. Sometimes this leads into thoughts of trying, “The Other Guy”, you know, the one you heard about somewhere, your neighbor knows him, maybe even your friend or brother.  This guy did a really great job that one time and only charged a fraction of the normal cost and not only that his schedule was open and he was available immediately.  Whatever the reason, we have for contacting “The Other Guy”, there are some things to be considered first.  Continue reading to determine what is really best for you

     Regulation in the Air Conditioning Industry exists for the purpose of protection, much like Insurance works to protect our property.  This regulation protects the person performing the Air Condition work; it protects the person having the work done; more so, this particular regulation also protects our environment and the world we live in. The Licensed Contractor has learned these regulations, has made an agreement to honor these regulatory standards, and is held accountable to the same regulatory standards.

      Insurance is comparable to assurance; this is what you get when you hire a licensed Air Condition Contractor.  Freon being released into our air is harmful and licensed Contractors are very aware of the rules and regulations concerning Freon, it uses and how to manage and account for it accordingly.  The credentials of those with licensure can be checked and reported on, based on the results anyone experiences from any particular contractor.  If any Licensed Contractor does not comply or does not live up to the required standards, they may lose their license, regardless of how much they know about Air Conditioning.

    “The Other Guy”, may be the one who had his license revoked, or the one who could not pass the testing required, or maybe even the one who did not bother to take courses in the first place.  One thing we know for certain about “The Other Guy”, is that he has not chosen for whatever reason to learn and be held up to a standard that protects him/her, us and our neighborhood or our environment.  “The Other Guys” work is not documented or verifiable, we have very limited recourse (if any) when we are not satisfied with his work, also there is no way of accounting for the environment, starting in our own back yard.  In addition to a myriad of other factors that can occur from lack of knowledge including, but not limited to, causing an Air Condition Unit to need replaced unnecessarily, electrical issues to include possible fires, and the list goes on.

    In summation, there are many intricate workings within an Air Condition unit and for everyone’s safety; Rules and Regulations have been developed, providing protection for Consumers, their neighbors, their property and even the very air that we breathe.  The money or times that may be saved are costing more than you can ever begin to calculate.  The price of satisfaction and safety are also incalculable.  It only makes good cents to hire Only a licensed Air Condition expert every time, assurance is even better than insurance.

Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC. AC Maintenance Phoenix





Our mission at Air Care is to insure you never have to go without air conditioning. Our company has been licensed, bonded and insured for 12 years holding our A rating with the Better Business Bureau. With our clean and professional business our techs show up in uniform ready to make sure your unit continues to run at manufacture specifications.

Our techs special in the 25-point tune-up. Since air conditioners run differently here than anywhere in the country the tune-up is a must for Arizona residents. Having it done saves you thousands of dollars on repairs and replacements as well as the efficiency can be brought down by 20% just by changing your filters and cleaning your outside coils. Our routine 25 point inspection usually costs $89.00 but when you call in and mention the Sonoran Living its $49.00 with a complimentary safety wet switch installed!! The safety wet switch notifies you when water is leaking in secondary drain pan, so you can get a tech out to insure minimal damage.

With our 24/7 emergency contact you’ll always speak with a live person, ready for all your questions and needs. We also have a 29,000 square foot warehouse that carries 99% of all replacement parts for units as well as a large inventory of rooftop and ground units, which if needed our techs can have parts and/or units installed the same day in most cases. With our 100% satisfaction guaranteed Air Care is there for you not 98 or 99 but 100% during this summer to keep you cool and comfortable!

Air Care Cooling and Heating LLC offers Valley wide service. Call (480) 238-227 or visit them online at:    

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Energy Audits Save Arizona Home Owners Money In Phoenix Arizona

Arizona Energy Audit Energy Audit Mesa Arizona

What Can I Do Reduce My Power Bill & Create More Home Efficiency?

          Are you one of those people who cringe when you open your power bill?  Or have you just become accustomed to a high bill and wishing for a way to create more efficiency in your home? Everyone seems to be actively seeking ways to save and create more efficiency in all aspects of their lives.  Read on as we explore these aspects as they specifically apply to your home and your power bill.

          First let’s identify the things in your home that utilize the most electricity, the electricity hogs is what we will call them.  Where are the electricity hogs in your home?  The number one electricity hog is the Hot Water heater, followed by the Air Conditioner and Heat Source, and right behind that is your dryer.  None of us are very interested in living without these energy hogs, but can’t we put them on a diet and still enjoy their conveniences?  Yes, of course we can, and that is what this article is all about.

Arizona energy savings        The Power Companies offer some things to assist us in identifying our electricity usage and some devices are available to create more efficiency in our homes.  SRP provides M-Power boxes which provide data about daily & hourly usage and current draw of power to identify from one moment to the next how much power you are using and what devices are pulling how much power. Also there are devices to hook up to the Hot Water Heater to time it on and off as needed so you are not heating water constantly.

         Next for your Hot Water Heaters, the first choice is to buy the most efficient available, or even to consider a heat on demand hot water system.  If you have chosen a standard hot water heater, it also makes sense to put a blanket on it made specifically for hot water heaters so they retain the heat so it does not have to be heated over and over.

          For your Air Conditioners which is the primary source of power usage during the long and intense heat of our Desert Valley summers there are many options available both directly and indirectly.  To directly create improvement and efficiency from your A/C unit, ensure it is the proper size for your space; get a high efficiency model; replace your filter at least once a month; service your unit regularly; and invest in a programmable thermostat versus a standard one.  Taking all of these steps can really put this energy hog on a diet providing instant low cost savings and efficiency in your home.

      Indirect ways to create improved efficiency of your Air Conditioning Unit includes better insulation in the walls and roof, look for the energy star logo on products, better ventilation from the attic and upper eave space, reflective coverings for windows, sealing cracks around windows and doors as well as installing high efficiency windows and doors.

       Every little bit helps and you are sure to create more efficiency in your home by utilizing any of these tips to slim down the energy hogs, and the more tips you employ and put to use, the greater your efficiency and savings will be realized in your home.


New Air Conditioning Phoenix

New Air Conditioning Phoenix

Air Conditioning Phoenix

Repairing versus Replacing that old Phoenix Air Conditioner

            Have you had your  Phoenix Air Conditioning Unit for a number of years now?  Is your A/C unit past all warranties?  Have you been told by a technician that you are in need of major repairs?  Has an Air Conditioning technician or expert recommended replacement of your existing unit?  There are many factors to consider whether it is off season or in the midst of the peak of our extremely hot summers here in the valley of the desert sun when deciding between repairing or replacing your current Air Condition Unit.

            A few of the factors to consider as you are debating this decision are, how old your existing unit is; how much money you have already put in to your existing unit over time for repairs; how much is it going to cost for current repairs; how often has your unit needed repairs; how well has your existing unit been fulfilling your cooling requirements; how much warranty if any, your existing units has; have you had any additions or add-ons to your home since the existing A/C unit was installed; and how efficient your current cooling system is in relation to power usage versus output.

            Before weighing in all of these factors, there is one circumstance that is a 100% guarantee that repairing is the best choice versus replacement.  If your home is the same size and structure it was when you first bought and had the existing unit installed, you know it is still the right size unit to serve your cooling needs now.  In addition, if your unit is still under warranty, and you know it is the right size to continue serving your homes cooling needs, this is the one definite yes to having the unit repaired versus replaced.  Both factors must apply, however to be a clear-cut answer to repair.

            There are two factors that are a pretty solid guarantee that replacement is the best option:  One, if your unit is over 10 years old.  It is impossible for an A/C unit over 10 years old to have anywhere near the efficiency factors available in new units today.  Efficiency factors that can keep your home cooler with less wear on the unit itself and  substantial savings on your power bill adding up to a long term savings well worth the cost of unit replacement.  Two, if you have modified, altered or added on to your home in any way since the current unit was installed.  An Air Condition Unit is rated based upon the amount of space it is designed and capable of cooling effectively.  If you have added on to your home in any manner that increases the space to be cooled beyond the rated capacity of your current unit, any money spent on repairs would be wasted as your unit would be incapable of cooling your space and ultimately would work itself to death very quickly putting you right back where you started.

The best place to start when faced with this decision, if the above rules do not apply, is of course just plain dollars and cents.  Get some quotes, more than one; get a quote for repairs from more than one technician and company.  Then get multiple quotes for replacement cost for different A/C units available, ask for quotes on the highest efficiency unit versus a quote for the lowest efficiency unit.  Get quotes on different name brands like Trane, Rheem, Ameristar and Goodman get quote comparisons for installation and removal. 

Now that you have the dollars and cents factor and stacks of different options, it is now time to start narrowing down the options as you make this monumental decision.  It is not exactly a life or death decision but with the extreme heat we experience for an extended period of time in this hot desert valley, it can seem that important.

            Taking all of the factors into consideration:  If your unit is outside of warranty, under five years old, still has a rating sufficient to cool your homes space requirements, and has never or seldom needed repairs before, it really does come down to dollars and cents and personal preference to replace as repair would seem the most logical choice. 

            If your unit is between five and ten years old and still rated large enough to cool your space requirements and has never or seldom needed repairs, unless the cost of repairs are extremely high comparable to the cost of replacement, it is best to repair.  

            If your unit is between five and ten years old, still rated large enough to cool your space requirements and has needed repairs more than two or three times over the years.  This is a good opportunity to seriously weigh in the price as well as the efficiency factors in making a fair determination as to whether to repair or replace. 

            If your unit is over 10 years old, whether it has had few or many repairs over the years, may not be as important as the fact that all units now available are more efficient and capable of cooling your home more effectively than the one you have now, however, if the cost of repairs are low it may make sense to do repairs.  If your unit is over 10 yrs old and this is your second or third call this season, even if the costs are low, they are now beginning to add up and the discomfort you are experiencing in addition to possible damage to your property from not being cooled far outweighs the upfront cost and the long term cost factors must now be calculated.  In this case, it is best to replace your current unit with the one that best fits your needs from the quotes you have already had done.

       This information does not cover all of the factors to be taken into consideration as the choice to replace versus repair and A/C unit, but does provide some basic guidelines to assist you in making one of the most important decisions you will be making as a resident or even part time resident in Phoenix the Air Conditioning Capital of America.  Stay cool and make informed choices that are good for you, your home and your family.



Aeroseal Arizona Duct Sealing


Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC. is  now offering a FREE 5 year maintenance plan when you purchase a Aeroseal duct sealing. Aeroseal is the number 1 thing you can do in you home to help your air conditioning run more efficient. In Arizona the average home has  many leaks in the duct work even on a new home.  The average Arizona household has enough leaks in the duct work to add up to equivalent  of a hole that is 70 inches across. After the Arizona Aeroseal  duct sealing process is complete that 70 inch hole is shrunk down to a hole that measures 5 inches or less.


The Aeroseal process is recognized by all major utility company’s including APS, SRP and South West Gas.  They are also giving out rebates if you get the duct sealing in your home. Even the federal government recognizes Aeroseal as major energy saving process.  You may even qualify to get a tax rebate from the government when you combine Aeroseal with a new air conditioner.


We start the job by doing a pre seal test to see exactly what the leakage is before we actually do the sealing. We do this test on all existing AC units that are connected to existing duct work. After the Aeroseal job is complete we perform another test to see the actual reduction in leak s. So that way we verify the effectiveness of the service. The service comes with a 10 year guarantee on the sealing that is backed by the Aeroseal corporate.


Air Care and Tim McKenzie recommend Aeroseal to everyone who has central air conditioning in Arizona but it is major factor when purchasing a new high efficiency air conditioner.  If you purchase a 20 seer unit air conditioning unit you be putting out 20 seer efficiency AT THE AC UNIT but if your ducts are leaking you WILL NOT have 20 seer efficiency in the home.




Plumbing & Water Heater Rebates Phoenix AZ

Water Heaters & Plumbing Phoenix Arizona



Energy Star Rebate on Water Heaters & Plumbing

There is big talk about all of the energy star rebates in Phoenix available this year on many select models of everything from Appliances, Heating and Cooling Equipment, Home Electronics, Office Equipment, Residential Water Heaters and more.

How can you know how to save money and benefit from this wide range of Rebates available on such a wide range of products? What is an Energy Star Water Heater and how did it get this rating? We have done the research for you and accessed everything available for rebates from Energy Star in reference to Residential Water Heaters and related plumbing products.

Why Energy Star Water Heaters

Did you know that water heaters can account for 14% to 25% of the energy usage in your home? This makes finding the most efficient hot water heater a top priority when considering the costs of maintaining your household and comfort.

How does a Water Heater Become An Energy Star?

To be chosen by the EPA to be listed as an Energy Star Product the water heater must contribute significant energy savings. Its specific energy usage and performance must be measured and verified with testing. Basically any water heater that is saving the environment and more importantly saving your pocket book with the highest industry standards is listed as an Energy Star.

Federal Tax Credits For Energy Star Products

To help reduce greenhouse gases and save the environment the Federal Government encourages us to buy products specifically rated to accomplish this goal by issuing tax credits when anyone chooses to buy an Energy Star Water Heater. For the 2013 tax year just under way there is a tax rebate available for gas, oil and propane water heaters for $300 with an energy factor greater than or equal to 0.82 thermal efficiency of at last 90% and on electric water heaters also for $300 with an energy factor greater than or equal to 2.0. Save your receipts and go to for complete details to receive your credit.

Energy Star Rebates Available On Water Heaters locally

Currently Southwest Gas has a special offer rebate on recycling whole home gas tank-less hot water heaters with ongoing dates no end currently listed on this offer. Rebates are $450 for this offer; call 1-866-802-7790 or visit their website. Southwest Gas is also offering a $450 Energy Star Rebate Phoenix on qualified natural gas tank-less water heaters. To qualify or find out more information to participate in this rebate, contact Southwest Gas at 1-800-654-2765.

Savings, finding rebates, Quality

We like to save our customers money. More so, however, we like to provide our customers with quality, high efficiency products keeping them satisfied for many years to come as well keeping that extra little change in their pockets rather than paying for the rising cost of power today. We will always keep you informed on Energy Star products, Rebates, and Tax Credits and the best high efficiency water heaters available to you year round.














Trane Air Conditioner Repair Phoenix

 Trane AC Repair Phoenix AZ


Trane Air Conditioner Repair AZ

Trane Air Conditioner Repair AZ


Trane AC Phoenix AZ

Trane Rebates are Available locally


Through the end of May, Phoenix Trane has some tremendous rebate plans on Air Conditioning units to save you money. There are some important details to be aware of however, to maximize and benefit from the rebate options. Read everything to know the specifics of who, what, when and how to determine if the Trane rebate is for you and how to benefit the most from it.



Basic Rebates & Savings on Trane Models


There are three options available to save money on any  Arizona Trane Air Conditioning unit purchases made between Mar 13 2013 and May 31 2013 and installed between Mar 13 2013 and June 15 2013. Option1: 0% APR with equal payments for 36 months. Option 2: 5.9% APR Financing with minimum monthly payments. Option 3: Up to a $1,250 Instant Rebate.



Rebate and Special Financing Details


For complete details contact your independent Trane dealer to find out which unit is best for you and the specific Instant Rebate that applies to each Air Condition unit. The Instant Rebates range starting from $100 going up to as much as $1,250 based on the specific model being purchased and installed. Also for complete details on all offers mentioned above, either visit or talk to your local Trane professional to determine which option is best for you and all special terms, rebates and financing available.


Eco Rebates on Trane Air Conditioning Units


Eco Rebates are available on few select Trane Air Conditioning Units. Three models have eco rebates available up to $700; these are the XL20i, XL16i and the XL7Si. There are also 3 models available for eco rebates up to $540; these are the XR13, XB14 and the XB13. In addition there is one unit eligible for up to $270 Eco Rebate and this is the XB300 Air Conditioning Unit.



Eco Rebates on Trane All In One Units


There is an Eco Rebate available of up to $270 on the Trane XL13C package gas and electric system, the XL13C A/C System, the XB13C Package gas and electric System and the XB13C Package A/C System.



Eco Rebates On Trane Heat Pumps


A few select Trane Heat Pumps also have quite lucrative Eco Rebates available. There are two Heat Pumps with Eco Rebates up to $700; these are the XL20i and the XL16i. There are three separate Trane Heat Pump models with up to $600 Eco Rebates available; these are the XL1Si, XR15, and XB14. Additionally there are two Trane Heat Pump models with Eco Rebates of up to $500; the XR13 and the XB13.


Trane Rebates and Eco Rebate Summary


With the many financing, Manufacture rebates and Eco Rebate options available from Trane, this has become one of the most desirable money saving options available over the next few months. The Eco Rebate is given in addition to the Manufacturer Rebates offered by Trane. To find out more about your specific needs and how you can save money and get cash back now and later, contact your local Trane professional and start putting cash back into your household and business at the same time you are keeping cool this summer and summers to come.





Energy Star Air Conditioning Arizona


Energy Star Air Conditioning


Energy Star Air Conditioning Phoenix energy star certified company phoenix



Energy Star Rebates Air Conditioning & Insulation

Energy Star has become a very familiar symbol, yet not everyone knows what it means or that there are rebates available on a wide variety of product lines from electronics to appliances, air conditioning, heating units and more.  Let’s learn more about what it means to be an Energy Star and more importantly how to save you even more money on  Gilbert Air Conditioning and Insulation for your home or business. 

What Does It Mean To Be Energy Star

 Energy Star is a rating provided by the EPA designed to reduce greenhouse gases and to save our environment by utilizing products that are more efficient.  It helps business and individuals save money while also protecting our climate through superior energy efficiency. To be listed as an Energy Star the Air Conditioning Unit and Insulation must meet certain conditions that can be tested and verified of the superior energy efficiency being provided from this product. 

Saving You Money With Energy Star

The savings does not end just by buying a product with the Energy Star Rating, there are also many other incentives to encourage utilizing these high efficiency Air Conditioning Units and Insulation.  There are Federal Tax Credits for buying high efficiency units as well Rebates.  We have done the research to ensure you receive the most value for your dollar today and far into the future with the most efficient products and all of the cash back available.

Federal Tax Credits for Air Conditioning & Insulation

 All typical Insulation’s such as batts, rolls, blow-in fibers, expanding spray, pour-in-place, caulking, weather stripping, spray foam and house wrapping products only, not installation, qualify for the Tax Credit of 10% of the cost up to $500.For Federal Tax Credits on Air Conditioning Units the best way to be certain you are receiving the tax credit of $300 available on select units is to ask your  Chandler Air Conditioning professional to provide you with the Manufacturer Certification Statement for the exact Air Conditioning Unit you purchase.

Rebates available on Air Conditioning and Insulation

 Rebates that are currently available are always changing and being updated.  To find out and keep up with current rebates in your area visit and type in your zip code.  Currently there are not any additional rebates specific to our Arizona area for Air Conditioning Units available, but there is a great rebate offer for Insulation.  Southwest Gas Arizona is offering a mail in, dollar incentive rebate of $.15 per square foot attic insulation rated R-45 and R-60.  Call Southwest Gas at 1-800-654-2765 for more information and to qualify for your cash rebate.

Wrapping it up & Saving you Money

 Wrap up and roll out that insulation, install the most efficient Air Conditioning Unit, get all of the Energy
Star Rebates, Manufacture Rebates, and Federal Credits.  More importantly, save money for years to come as the residual benefits of an Energy Star Air Condition Unit or product continues to provide the highest quality and the highest efficiency available.  We service most of Arizona including Mesa, AZ, Tempe, AZ Scottsdale, AZ, Chandler, AZ




Aeroseal Phoenix Arizona

Aeroseal Phoenix AZ

Aeroseal Phoenix AZ

Phoenix Aeroseal what is it & is it right for you?

 Phoenix Aeroseal, you may or may not have heard of it, however when you finish reading this you will hold an arsenal of information guaranteed to have you deciding when you will be having this added as part of your Air Conditioning and Heating system.

What is Aeroseal

Aeroseal is an exclusive patented duct work sealing system, available since 1994.  Unlike any other duct work sealing system, it works from the inside out.  This means it works with your already existing duct work.  Utilizing special patented software, an accurate measurement is made of duct leakage in residential and commercial structures.  Then utilizing the unique Aeroseal process, escaping air is put under pressure and polymer particles are caused to stick to every leak and to each other until the leaks are completely eliminated.

Aeroseal Phoenix Arizona 

What Kind of Savings Can You Expect with Aeroseal?

 It has been determined that anywhere from 25% to 40% of the cooling energy from air conditioning systems are lost through the duct work according to the U.S. Department of Energy.  This means that by eliminating this waste and using the specific Aeroseal process the efficiency of your existing system just by eliminating wasted air through leaks can be improved by 25% to 40% equivocating directly into dollar and cents of the same percentages.

What can I expect from my Aeroseal Experience?

Sealing the air ducts in a typical home in Phoenix Arizona can be completed usually in less than 8 hrs and sometimes as quickly as 4 hrs.  First an inspection and diagnosis will be made by an Aeroseal expert to make a complete assessment of your specific circumstances to include your specific type of duct work, the age of your structure, variances of hot and cold from one room to another, energy bills and more.  Determinations will be made of any existing duct work is in need of manual repairs and replacement.  Once this work is completed, the patented Aeroseal process begins.  It is a simple six step process of covering vents; injecting sealant into ducts for one hour; maintaining air flow in duct work; Particles begin colliding and attaching to leaks and each other; Duct work is completely sealed and only 1-2 oz of sealant material actually remains in the ducts; final step is a computer generated verification of the effectiveness and thoroughness of the Aeroseal process.

Duct Sealant phoenix Arizona

Guarantees, Awards and Comparisons to other Systems

The Aeroseal process comes with an unbeatable 10 year warranty for all residential applications.  It is clean, safe and UL tested utilizing an approved sealing material effectively sealing both residential and commercial building’s duct work.  The “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science magazine award as well as the “Energy 100” award from the US Department of Energy (DOE), have both been credited to the Aeroseal process. Aeroseal in Phoenix has also been designated by the DOE as one of the 23 most beneficial technologies available to American consumers.

            Aeroseal is considered to be the most effective, most affordable duct work sealing system available for central cooling duct work for both residential and commercial structures in Phoenix Arizona.  Saving more money on any heating and cooling than any other aspect available on today’s market.


 Duct Sealing Phoenix AZ










Record Breaking Temps In Phoenix Arizona

Air Conditioning Repair in Phoenix Arizona




 Here’s what ABC 15 and Adam Slinger had to report


PHOENIX -The phone lines at Valley heating and cooling companies lit up on Thursday evening during the record breaking temperature spike.


“I had a premonition things were gonna go this way,” said Tony Sampino of Air Care Heating and Cooling. “I bought tons of parts and hired extra staff.”


Normally during mid-March, the service calls from customers are to schedule checkups and order new parts, Sampino told ABC15, but because of Thursday’s 95 degree high, all the calls were focused on fixing broken units.


Ideally, before turning on your A/C unit, a professional should inspect and clean the machine, Sampino said.


Filters should also be clean before flipping the switch from “off” to “cool,” he said.

For more info on this article visit Record breaking heat keeping Valley air conditioning repair crews busy

Prevent your air conditioner from breaking down


Here in Phoenix AZ  the temperature is a scorching 95 degrees out side  and will be for the next few days. Wow 95 degrees in March that’s pretty warm. To avoid costly air conditioning repairs, get a maintenance check from a qualified licensed AC contractor like Air Care. With this  record breaking heat among us, and specially this early in the year now is the time to get your air conditioner check up. This summer will probably be one of the hottest on record and one of the earliest. So don’t be caught in the heat with a broken air conditioner CALL TODAY and get scheduled!  480-238-2273