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 Trane AC Repair Phoenix AZ


Trane Air Conditioner Repair AZ

Trane Air Conditioner Repair AZ


Trane AC Phoenix AZ

Trane Rebates are Available locally


Through the end of May, Phoenix Trane has some tremendous rebate plans on Air Conditioning units to save you money. There are some important details to be aware of however, to maximize and benefit from the rebate options. Read everything to know the specifics of who, what, when and how to determine if the Trane rebate is for you and how to benefit the most from it.



Basic Rebates & Savings on Trane Models


There are three options available to save money on any  Arizona Trane Air Conditioning unit purchases made between Mar 13 2013 and May 31 2013 and installed between Mar 13 2013 and June 15 2013. Option1: 0% APR with equal payments for 36 months. Option 2: 5.9% APR Financing with minimum monthly payments. Option 3: Up to a $1,250 Instant Rebate.



Rebate and Special Financing Details


For complete details contact your independent Trane dealer to find out which unit is best for you and the specific Instant Rebate that applies to each Air Condition unit. The Instant Rebates range starting from $100 going up to as much as $1,250 based on the specific model being purchased and installed. Also for complete details on all offers mentioned above, either visit or talk to your local Trane professional to determine which option is best for you and all special terms, rebates and financing available.


Eco Rebates on Trane Air Conditioning Units


Eco Rebates are available on few select Trane Air Conditioning Units. Three models have eco rebates available up to $700; these are the XL20i, XL16i and the XL7Si. There are also 3 models available for eco rebates up to $540; these are the XR13, XB14 and the XB13. In addition there is one unit eligible for up to $270 Eco Rebate and this is the XB300 Air Conditioning Unit.



Eco Rebates on Trane All In One Units


There is an Eco Rebate available of up to $270 on the Trane XL13C package gas and electric system, the XL13C A/C System, the XB13C Package gas and electric System and the XB13C Package A/C System.



Eco Rebates On Trane Heat Pumps


A few select Trane Heat Pumps also have quite lucrative Eco Rebates available. There are two Heat Pumps with Eco Rebates up to $700; these are the XL20i and the XL16i. There are three separate Trane Heat Pump models with up to $600 Eco Rebates available; these are the XL1Si, XR15, and XB14. Additionally there are two Trane Heat Pump models with Eco Rebates of up to $500; the XR13 and the XB13.


Trane Rebates and Eco Rebate Summary


With the many financing, Manufacture rebates and Eco Rebate options available from Trane, this has become one of the most desirable money saving options available over the next few months. The Eco Rebate is given in addition to the Manufacturer Rebates offered by Trane. To find out more about your specific needs and how you can save money and get cash back now and later, contact your local Trane professional and start putting cash back into your household and business at the same time you are keeping cool this summer and summers to come.





Energy Star Air Conditioning Arizona


Energy Star Air Conditioning


Energy Star Air Conditioning Phoenix energy star certified company phoenix



Energy Star Rebates Air Conditioning & Insulation

Energy Star has become a very familiar symbol, yet not everyone knows what it means or that there are rebates available on a wide variety of product lines from electronics to appliances, air conditioning, heating units and more.  Let’s learn more about what it means to be an Energy Star and more importantly how to save you even more money on  Gilbert Air Conditioning and Insulation for your home or business. 

What Does It Mean To Be Energy Star

 Energy Star is a rating provided by the EPA designed to reduce greenhouse gases and to save our environment by utilizing products that are more efficient.  It helps business and individuals save money while also protecting our climate through superior energy efficiency. To be listed as an Energy Star the Air Conditioning Unit and Insulation must meet certain conditions that can be tested and verified of the superior energy efficiency being provided from this product. 

Saving You Money With Energy Star

The savings does not end just by buying a product with the Energy Star Rating, there are also many other incentives to encourage utilizing these high efficiency Air Conditioning Units and Insulation.  There are Federal Tax Credits for buying high efficiency units as well Rebates.  We have done the research to ensure you receive the most value for your dollar today and far into the future with the most efficient products and all of the cash back available.

Federal Tax Credits for Air Conditioning & Insulation

 All typical Insulation’s such as batts, rolls, blow-in fibers, expanding spray, pour-in-place, caulking, weather stripping, spray foam and house wrapping products only, not installation, qualify for the Tax Credit of 10% of the cost up to $500.For Federal Tax Credits on Air Conditioning Units the best way to be certain you are receiving the tax credit of $300 available on select units is to ask your  Chandler Air Conditioning professional to provide you with the Manufacturer Certification Statement for the exact Air Conditioning Unit you purchase.

Rebates available on Air Conditioning and Insulation

 Rebates that are currently available are always changing and being updated.  To find out and keep up with current rebates in your area visit and type in your zip code.  Currently there are not any additional rebates specific to our Arizona area for Air Conditioning Units available, but there is a great rebate offer for Insulation.  Southwest Gas Arizona is offering a mail in, dollar incentive rebate of $.15 per square foot attic insulation rated R-45 and R-60.  Call Southwest Gas at 1-800-654-2765 for more information and to qualify for your cash rebate.

Wrapping it up & Saving you Money

 Wrap up and roll out that insulation, install the most efficient Air Conditioning Unit, get all of the Energy
Star Rebates, Manufacture Rebates, and Federal Credits.  More importantly, save money for years to come as the residual benefits of an Energy Star Air Condition Unit or product continues to provide the highest quality and the highest efficiency available.  We service most of Arizona including Mesa, AZ, Tempe, AZ Scottsdale, AZ, Chandler, AZ




The Importance of Air Conditioning Service Tempe Arizona

AC Service Tempe AZ

The Importance of Keeping Air Conditioner Coils Clean

In harsh climates like Tempe Arizona, air conditioners can struggle with the heat and dust, making even great air conditioning systems suffer shorter lifespans.  The key to keeping your air conditioning unit running without issue is routine maintenance by a local air conditioning company such as Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC.  One of the most important forms of maintenance on your unit is cleaning the air conditioning coils.  Keeping the air conditioning coils clean can do a lot to keeping your home or business AC unit running without issue.

Over time, dirt and grime will build up on your air conditioning coils, making it hard for your system to run properly.  What most may not understand is that the air conditioner doesn’t actually cool your home, but rather, it removes hot air from it.  When air conditioning coils get dirty, the dirt and grime create an insulating effect, covering the coils and creating a barrier.  This barrier prevents the coils from transferring the heat properly and thus lowers your air conditioner’s efficiency.  

More serious maintenance issues can arise if your air conditioning coils are not kept clean.  The reduced airflow caused by insulated, dirty coils can result in hot air getting stuck in the compressor.  If that happens, it can eventually cause severe damage to your air conditioning unit that will require a lot more than a simple cleaning check.  Preventative measures like cleaning your air conditioning coils will not only help your AC unit run on less energy, it will also avert unwanted repairs or the need for air conditioning replacement.

Perhaps the best time to look at getting your air conditioning unit cleaned and maintained is spring, before you have had to turn on or use your AC unit.  This allows your Tempe air conditioning service company to look over your condenser, fixing any problems that it might have, and cleaning the coils before energy is lost or severe damage is done.  Cleaning the air conditioning coils in spring will also ensure that your air conditioning unit is ready for the hot summer ahead.

Once you have had your air conditioning coils cleaned, the best way to keep them from getting grimy fast is by removing anything in the area of your condenser that can damage or dirty the air conditioning coils.  For instance, many of us forget and mow or weed-eat with grass clippings flying towards our AC units.  Instead, make sure than any grass trimmed around your outside unit is directed away from it or collected in an attached bag.  Trees and hedges should be trimmed back, with at least two feet around the air conditioning unit to keep leaves and twigs out and allow for adequate airflow around the condenser. 

By performing just a few routine checks before the summer and adjusting the area around your AC unit, coils can stay cleaner throughout the summer, providing you with a cool home without using a lot of energy.

Chandler Arizona Air Conditioning Repair

Chandler AZ Air Conditioner Repair

Wind, Dirt and Air Conditioning



Air Conditioning Repair Chandler


AC Service Chandler AZ







How to Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repair on your Chandler Air Conditioning


The Chandler Arizona desert breezes and wind can be enjoyable, cooling things off and lowering temperatures.  However, as much as you may be saving on your air conditioning bill today while the wind blows, it could be costing a fortune later on without proper and timely action.

Did you know the winds and strong breezes are stirring up the dust, dirt and sand and it goes indiscriminately to places we often pay little attention to and even take for granted?  Air Conditioning coils are one of those places.  In fact our Air Conditioners actually draw the dirt to them by drawing air combined with the stirred up dirt through its air intake.  Yes, we do have filters in there, but they are not designed with the capacity to filter the fine dirt particles being blown with such force when the winds pick up in our fair desert valley.

After any heavy winds, no matter how long or short the duration, (and remember it does not have to be a full blown haboob), at a minimum the air filter must be changed to reduce damage to your air conditioner coils and ultimately the entire cooling system.  More importantly, take this opportunity to call your Chandler air conditioning service professionals, such as Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC. to come clean the coils.

Cleaning the coils on your air conditioner after any heavy winds and breezes is such an inexpensive yet crucial task to be done.  If you are hesitating or thinking how bad can it be?  The answer is simply the cost of a new air conditioning unit, or worse yet, lowered efficiency ratings and higher costs from your existing ac unit, combined with reduced life expectancy.

We depend on our Air Conditioning Units in Chandler AZ as a lifeline in our desert valley oasis of the sun, through our particularly long summers with extreme temperatures known only to us desert dwellers. However, what we have in common with everyone, no matter where they reside, is a desire for our dollar to go further. Reducing the cost of operation for our homes and businesses and creating efficiency in all areas has become of high importance in our times of economic distress.  This is accomplished by maintaining and keeping all of our systems in highest working order at all times.

Whether it is your home, your business or both, that one phone call to an Air Conditioning professional to clean the dirt out of your coils after heavy winds, will be the most important call you will make that day.  Keeping your Air Conditioner running at its maximum efficiency, increasing the life expectancy of your unit, saving money and staying cool year round will be the rewards of your quick action to maintain your air condition system. If not you may be in the market for a new air conditioning unit sooner than you think.

Being informed and aware is of highest importance only second to making the choices to act on the information we become aware of.  Now you know the damage of the winds and dirt to your air condition unit and its coils.  Act now, after each and every big wind, call your  Chandler air conditioning repair professional, then sit back and enjoy the comfort and savings of your air conditioner all year round.


Westinghouse Air Conditioning in Mesa Arizona

Installing a Westinghouse Air Conditioning unit In Mesa, Arizona; Everything you need to know



Westinghouse Air Conditioning Arizona


Air Conditioning Mesa Arizona

Airr Conditioner Repair Mesa AZ









You are considering installing a new Air Conditioning Unit in Mesa AZ.  There are many different options available, this will provide you with a snapshot of Westinghouse features and benefits specifically as you come one step closer to that big decision of how you are going to stay cool year round in our hot desert Valley region of the Southwest.


Westinghouse has one of the widest ranges of possibilities of Air Conditioning Equipment which is one of the things that makes Westinghouse an extremely desirable option when choosing to install a new Air Conditioning System Mesa Arizona. Combine this with the Westinghouse Pledge:  “You’ll get a new system if your compressor or heat exchanger fails within the first 10 years of ownership.”  This promise is a one of a kind in new Heating & Cooling Unit!


Consumer Financing is available on all Westinghouse models, but only through some dealers, ask your dealer about financing options and in addition ask if they offer the Comfort Plus & FTL Finance which includes an option for the Contractor Preferred Protection Plan.  This plan covers any labor associated with any parts repairs or any other defects that may occur in addition to covering what is already covered by their extensive parts warranties.


Westinghouse models range from 1.5 Ton to 5Ton cooling capacity. A total of 15 units are available to choose from in their wide range of possibilities. With 5 minimum efficiency units at a SEER Rating of 13; 2 High efficiency units with a SEER rating of 14/15; 6 Extra high efficiency units with a SEER rating of 15 & 16; 2 Ultra High efficiency units with a SEER rating of 20 & 24.5.  SEER stands for Season Energy Efficiency Rating.  It is a government standard rating system for designating the efficiency of Air Conditioner Units, the higher the number the higher the efficiency of the A/C unit.


Additionally Westinghouse has Gas/Electric units available starting at 15SEER and going up to 20 SEER which is the most efficient gas packaged unit you available to buy and have installed.  Westinghouse has also gone to great lengths to develop and make available units specifically designed to be run quietly.  The 24.5 SEER model designed and available only through Westinghouse is the most energy efficient and the quietest air conditioner existing at this time.


Westinghouse Arizona has packaged only outdoor units as well as split units available, when replacing half of a split unit you must also replace the other half even if it is not having any deficiencies at that time, they do work as a pair, similar to replacing a pair of shoes and not just one.  There are 8 Energy Star Certified Units Available and 5 Ecologic Units on hand.  With a few specialty units to include 1 Hybrid two fuel source systems available and iQ Drive for its two ultra high efficiency units.


Remember you must register your unit after installation for the maximum 10 yrs coverage.  Visit for registration information and to research any further inquiries you may have as well as to locate the nearest certified dealer near you.  Westinghouse is one of the many options available to ensure you; your family, pets and guest have a comfortable, affordable summer in Mesa Arizona.